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business intelligence tools
business intelligence tools

What exactly is business intelligence?

Leveraging Data To Make Better Decisions

Simply stated, business intelligence tools is focused on leveraging data to make better decisions. Business Intelligence tools are made to make sense of these huge levels of data that organizations accumulate over time. BI tools analyze this information and present it as actionable information that can guide decision making.

What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

Use Data in Our Personal Lives

This might take many forms and it is not necessarily restricted to just business. We use data in our personal lives to create better decisions as well. For example, if we are remodeling a bathroom, we get multiple quotes from different firms. The values and details in these quotes are items of data. That allows us to make an educated decision with regards to recognize the business to decide on.

Business Intelligence Tools Data visualization Analytics,
Business intelligence Data visualization Analytics,
  • How can a business attract new customers?
  • How can the business retain more customers?
  • Who are the competitors and how do they compare?
  • What is driving profitability?
  • Where can expenses be diminished?

There are endless questions that businesses want to answer each day. And these businesses need data along with business intelligence tools and approaches to order to answer these questions.

Five areas of Business intelligence

  • Domain: Sales Marketing, Manufacturing/Production, Logistics, Research, and development, Purchasing, Human resources, Accounting/finance. Each of these business functions or departments represents a domain. Within which business intelligence can be used to respond to questions to assist us in making better decisions.
Business Intelligence Tools Sales Marketing, Manufacturing/Production, Logistics, Research, and development, Purchasing, Human resources, Accounting/finance
  • Data: Once a domain has been decided upon, the next thing is identifying and acquiring the data which is pertinent to that particular domain. This means identifying the sourced elements of relevant data. These sources may be external or internal to a company and can be structured, unstructured, or semi-structured in the wild.
  • Model: A model, or data model, is the manner in which a number of data sources are organized. Models are designed by transforming and cleansing data, assisting to define the types of data within those sources. Plus the concept of data categories for specific data types.
Business Intelligence Tools-Data
  • Analysis: Once a domain is actually selected and data sources have already been combined into a model. The next phase is to do the analysis of the data. It is an important process within business intelligence as this occurs when you attempt to react to questions that are highly relevant to the company using external and internal data.
  • Visualization: A photo is really worth a thousand words, visualizations allow thousands, millions. As well as trillions of individual data points to be presented in a concise manner this is certainly easily consumed and understandable. Visualization allows the analyst or reports the author to allow the info to tell a story. This story answers the questions which can be originally posed because of the business and so delivers the insights that enable organizations to generate better decisions.
Business Intelligence Tools-Visualization

Business Intelligence Tools

Dundas BI Software

Dundas BI Software

by Dundas Data Visualization | Founded 1992, Ontario, Canada

Dundas BI is a powerful business intelligence solution from Dundas Data Visualization. It includes users the capability to generate interactive dashboards, customize their visualizations, build reports and drill down.

The responsive design lets users flexibly integrate data from any kind of source in real-time. Released in 2014. It combines BI and business analytics capabilities into a scalable solution accessible from any device. Dundas BI may be used as a standalone system or embedded into other forms of software.

Getting Started with Dundas BI


  • Dashboard View of Visualizations: Users can make pixel-perfect dashboards that incorporate a selection of visualization types. Include bar graphs, scattergrams, pie charts, line graphs, radar charts, scorecards, trellis charts, maps and much more.
  • Visualization Recommendations: Dundas BI offers an engine that analyzes the data users’ input and automatically selects the very best visualization type for the data.
  • Advanced Visualization Interactivity: Dundas BI offers interactivities with the visualizations it generates. Users can do simple drag-and-drop or point-and-click actions to refine data, connect to multi-dimensional hierarchical data.
  • API Support: Dundas BI supports documented APIs for JavaScript, .NET, REST, etc. That offers a wide variety of functionality. These capabilities include authentication, data connectivity, visualization, exports, custom calculations, file system management, and administration.
  • Report Types: Users can use Dundas BI to come up with a wide range of reports including automated, custom, and perform actions. Like priority ranking, correlations, clustering, forecasting, and other BI capabilities.
  • Integrations: Dundas BI operates on an open-source platform and integrates seamlessly at many different levels with various other software systems. Like OLAP, Big Data, RDBMS, flat files, web services, etc.


A few of the limitations for Dundas BI include:

  • Requires a sizable server RAM for in-memory processing
  • Not flexible with 3D charts
  • Lacks data synchronization and email monitoring
  • Does not support text analytics
  • Requires a large server RAM for in-memory processing

Dundas BI Overview

Qlik Software

By QLIK TECHNOLOGIES INC. | Founded 1993, Lund, Sweden

Qlik provides its customers with an array of products. Two popular BI tools such are QlikView and Qlik Sense.

QlikView is a data analysis and visualization tool that enables users to fetch, integrate, process and analyze data from varied sources. We can utilize it for developing data models, analytical applications, dashboards, visualizations to produce analytical reports and deliver it to end-users via the Access point.


Qlik Sense is a self-service data discovery and analysis tool which is targeted on the simplicity of use when it comes to the user. It provides a contemporary and interactive graphical user interface where you could utilize the tools for modeling and managing data, creating visualizations, layouts, and stories.

Qlik Product Release -2020 Feature Demonstration

Difference Between QlikView and Qlik Sense

  • Data loading is slower in QlikView when compared with that in Qlik Sense.
  • If using QlikView, organizations want to make an excellent investment in recruiting specially trained QlikView developers. Whereas, in the case of Qlik Sense, there is no condition to be technically trained and skilled as Qlik Sense is much more user-friendly in embedded analytics.
  • Licensing and purchasing process is a tad bit more complex for QlikView than for Qlik Sense.
  • QlikView supports only English as a language whereas Qlik Sense supports English, Chinese, Japanese and German.
  • The target customer size for QlikView is small, moderate and large industries whereas, for Qlik Sense it is small and moderate industries.
  • QlikView offers greater and better control to developers on the design and control over applications thus, objects tend to be more customizable. Whereas, Qlik Sense does not give users much customization and development options. Rather it really is user-friendly and simple to make use of.

Microsoft Power BI

 Power BI
Power BI

The Power BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft. Initial release11 July 2011

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based business intelligence tools service by Microsoft.

Power Bi Overview

We are able to use the datasets imported in The Power BI for data visualization and analysis by simply making sharable reports, dashboards, and apps. Power BI is a user-friendly tool offering impressive drag-and-drop features and self-service capabilities.

Microsoft offers three forms of Power BI platforms:

  • The Power BI Desktop (A desktop application)
  • The Power BI Mobile (For iOS and Android devices)
  • Power BI Service (SaaS i.e., Software as a Service)

Features of Microsoft Power BI Tools

Range of Attractive Visualizations

Visualizations for example. the visual representation of information plays a role that is central to The Power BI. It offers a wide range of detailed and attractive visualizations.

Get Data (Data Source)

Get Data feature lets Power BI users select from a range of data sources. The data sources are anywhere in the spectrum from on-premise to cloud-based, unstructured to structured.

Datasets Filtration

Dataset is just one number of information developed due to data that are taking numerous data sources.

Customizable Dashboards

Dashboards are a collection of visualizations offering meaningful information or insights into data. Typical dashboards in Power BI are comprised of multiple visualizations as tiles.

Natural Language Q & A Question Box

Making use of the Q&A box, a user can ask questions in natural language to search for data and information obtainable in the Power BI system.

DAX Data Analysis Function

The DAX functions would be the Data Analysis Expressions found in Power BI. These analysis functions are predefined codes to execute analytics specific functionalities on data.

Help & Feedback Buttons

Help & feedback buttons are used for multiple setting options such as for example downloading, asking for support and assistance, giving feedback into the Power BI support team, etc.

Office 365 App Launcher

Utilizing this option, users can automatically launch Microsoft Office 365 apps.

Great Collection in Content Packs

Power BI offers content packs which contain dashboards, data models, datasets, embedded queries, etc. Users can directly use a collection of elements in content packs in the place of looking for elements separately.

Power BI Tutorial From Beginner to Pro

Business Intelligence Tools Oracle Big Data

 by Oracle America
by Oracle America

Oracle Big Data SQL enables organizations to immediately analyze data across Apache Hadoop, Apache Kafka, NoSQL, object stores and Oracle.

Interact with discovery and advanced analytics to explore and uncover hidden patterns and insights in big data with rich visualization at the speed of thought. Experiment, decide, and act with more accuracy and precision to improve decision making and business outcomes. 


Derive Actionable Data Using Analytics

Oracle BI provides businesses with precise and well-timed information shown in smart and thorough approaches to enable users to do operations seamlessly. High-value data concluded from useful data and provided fast enables businesses to formulate and execute effective plans to reach their goals.

Utilize a contemporary Analytics Solution

With Oracle BI, you can easily simplify analytics plans through standardization of the data in one integrated platform. Condense the info model and metrics to obtain an entire image of the business. Allow users to safely access and process data from anywhere with cloud storage and mobile devices.

Benefit from Advanced Analytics

The company’s key decision-makers can swiftly locate needed answers and predictive queries using this app.

Visualize your computer data

Provide great looking analytics to produce an excellent story and presentation together with your business data. Reveal hidden data patterns through choosing from a large collection of visual aids. Use simple, visual workflows to enhance efficiency.

Go Mobile

With its tools, coding skills are not essential to create mobile analytical apps with intuitive visual aids.

Business Intelligence Tools SAP Software

SAP Business Intelligence
SAP Business Intelligence

The SAP Business Intelligence offers several analytics.

Key Benefits

  • Offer the changing needs of one’s business Leverage the most recent business intelligence technologies and an easy selection of data sources using a flexible and scalable platform to ensure decision makings have real-time BI access.
  • Access comprehensive BI tools Transform your computer data into useful information and deliver it to the people who require it most, with an extensive suite of BI applications.
  • Optimize performance across hybrid landscapes Leave the info where it is while bringing cloud analytics to on-premise data to quickly attain better business agility using a live data connection in a hybrid analytic strategy.

IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM Big Data Software
IBM Big Data Software

A Cognos Analytics is an AI-fueled business intelligence platform that supports the whole analytics cycle, from discovery to operationalization. Visualize, analyze and share actionable insights regarding your data with anyone in your organization.

Key Benefits BI Tools IBM Cognos Analytics

  • Visualize your business performance: Create beautiful dashboards and reports with AI recommendations.
  • Let AI help you uncover the patterns hidden in your data: Cognos Analytics does not just explain to you a bar chart — it interprets the information for you personally, and presents actionable insights in plain language.
  • Share critical insights easily: Break down the silos. Share dashboards and reports with anyone in your company.
  • Save time with automated data preparation: Cleanse and combine your computer data sources in minutes with AI-assisted data preparation
  • Protect your data: With strong governance rules that scale, you are able to control that has usage of sensitive information.
  • Start small, grow big, on any budget: Mix and match capabilities for users without blowing your budget and with no minimum user count.

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