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Free Psn Codes
Free Psn Codes

What are free psn codes?

PSN or PlayStation Network Code is a name given to gift cards which have issued by the Sony Playstation . A PSN code is virtual currency for the Playstation Network. You can buy them legally from various retailers around the internet or in big box stores like Walmart or Best Buy.

Free Psn Codes
PSN gift cards

You can get them from online raffles as well and sites which offer free PSN codes as monthly giveaways. These are extremely helpful in scenarios where you are a bit skeptical about using your credit cards. PSN codes can be redeemed against games purchases at the PlayStation Store.

What are gift cards?

There are two types of gift cards physical and digital (e-gift cards)  and each comes with a wide range of features and benefits.Gift cards are gift codes from Companies that are delivered via applications, websites or via email. Digital gift cards work just like regular gift cards, however with a digital card, a code is delivered to you. Depending on the retailer, you can use this code online or in the store.

Amazon gift card Walmart gift cardCompanies such as Amazon, Walmart allow consumers to purchase physical cards as well as to load online or digital accounts.These digital accounts often allow users to print gift cards from digital devices such as a smartphone or computer, and then redeem them at brick-and-mortar outlets, or spend the balances online using an app or through a website.Starbucks gift cardsRestaurant chains such as Starbucks, Chipotle, and Chili’s also offer customers digital and physical gift cards. These cards make it convenient for customers to pay for their drinks and meals using an app or in-store card reader to speed up the checkout process.

How do I activate a free PSN code?

PS4 Console Steps

  1. Open a Sony Network Entertainment account on PSN or use your existing Sony Entertainment Network account.
  2. Select the PlayStation Store icon on the PS4™ system home screen.
  3. On PlayStation®Store, select Redeem Codes at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Enter the code.
  5. Once the code has been entered correctly, select Continue on the dialog box.
  6. Select Confirm to accept the Trial Code Terms of Service.
  7. Select Continue to complete code redemption.

Web Browser Steps

  1. Go to
  2. Create a Sony Entertainment Network account or log in using an existing Sony Entertainment Network or PlayStation Network account
  3. Select Redeem Prepaid Card
  4. Enter code and click Continue

Best Ways to Get Free PSN Codes and Gift Cards

You can get free psn codes and gift cards to help pay for your subscription or buy cool games and add-ons for a discount. We’ve done the work so you can simply pick your favourite way of earning free PSN codes and gift cards, form scratch with zero cash and in just a few simple steps.


This trial gives you full access to PlayStation®Plus for free for 14 days. At the end of the 14 day trial period, you will no longer have access to PS Plus. 2 weeks of PS Plus content without paying a cent and without having to do anything for free PSN redeem codes.
Free trial
Free trial for 14 days

It’s possible to get an unlimited free trial on PS Plus?! Each PSN account can use the 14 day trial providing it has never had a a trial or a bought period of PSN. The PS Plus trial system identifies new users by their email ID,the payment method used to sign up.

Although if  you registering tons of accounts from the same PS4 at the same IP address, there’s always a chance that Sony will notice and investigate. So we recommend you to use VPN. it’s a connection method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks. VPN keep your data safe and hide your IP address, a VPN often conceals your real IP address. Read in this articleHow to Get Free Vpn Account.

So, if you want to take another free ride on PS plus, you must sign out of the current account on your console and create a new account with a different email address on the PlayStation network. Then you activate your free trial using different payment information. You’ve got to cancel the subscription before the trial ends, otherwise your payment card will be automatically charged. Start Free Playstation Plus Trial Now

1. Swagbucks

The Swagbucks is one of the most flexible rewards programs you will find online The site has a good reputation and it has a high Trustpilot score of 4.3/5. The best way to use it to generate the free PSN codes. You can earn points (bucks) by completing a variety of online tasks. such as taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, surfing the web, review product samples, and shopping from a Swagbucks retail partner.


2. PayPrizes

The PayPrizes which is trusted and a legit site to get free psn codes and gift cards. PayPrizes is legitimate code-earning site where you can earn points.  Again, you need an email address to create a new account on the site. Then, download apps, you can complete small tasks, and by doing that, you can earn good rewards which you can quickly redeem into the free PSN codes once you reach to a certain amount of points.



The GrabPoints is a free, mobile based app that allows users to earn points by completing offers & surveys, watching videos, entering free promo codes and much more! Refer your friends and earn even more points.


When your referrals earns 100 points, you will earn an additional 50 points. It’s a fun & easy way to earn psn codes and gift cards .While completing these fun activities, you will earn points and have the ability to cash out for Amazon, BestBuy, StarBucks, Wal-Mart, Target, Paypal and more!

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