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How does Google rank a website ?

How does Google decide which website to rank first and which to rank second? The answer is in the complex and secret algorithms it uses to measure and prioritise over 200 different ranking factors. We’ll look at some of the factors we know are important.web page rankings


Google is obsessed with understanding what people are searching for and giving them exactly what they need. Any time you want to rank a website. You have to start by making it really, really useful and relevant for the search you’re targeting.web page rankings

Google has robots reading the internet constantly. These robots are crawling over your website.This process is called indexing. When someone carries out a search on Google. It runs through this index looking for instances of the words, and coughs up the websites that they appear on. If you’re not using the words that you want to rank for. How on earth could Google justify serving your website to searchers?

Popularity and Authority

A well-organized site with excellent content is a great start . However, those two pillars are not enough to make your site an authority. Because no one would have heard about your site just yet. And that means zero votes and little traffic.

So how do you get to be well-known? And how popularity and authority are measured by Google?

You need to put your site out there and on as many relevant high-quality places as you can. With links pointing back to relevant pages on your site. In other words, you need “quality” backlinks.

Link juice represents the secret that Google uses to measure the relative popularity and authority of all the pages on the internet . Google’s measure of each website’s authority is called PageRank. If lots of websites link to webpage A, but no websites link to webpage B, then webpage A would usually be more popular and would have higher PageRank.

It’s not just the number of links pointing at a website that determines its page value. It’s also the quality of the websites that these links come from.

How to build backlinks

Quality Content web page rankings

Google is looking for high-quality content that is relevant to the search query. Google tries to match the needs of searchers with websites that meet those needs.It will look at the language used on a page, and for words and phrases that are related to the search query. Improving and increasing content is often the fastest way to boost a struggling site’s ranking. Longer page tend to do better, and the inclusion of photos and video works to your advantage too.

Page Load Time

No one likes waiting around for a page to load . If your web pages are taking 5 or more seconds to load, your visitors may not wait and hit the back button .Google rewards speedy sites with better ranking . There are a lot of tools online to help you measure and diagnose any website speed issues you might have. We recommend Google’s PageSpeed Insights

Internal links are there to help the visitor navigate around your website’s pages.Also Internal links help Google fully index your website.

Bounce Rates web page rankings

Bounce is a visitor who clicks a link in the SERPs and then returns to google . The quicker the return, the worse it is for your page as it tells Google the visitor was not satisfied .The visitor did not find the information they wanted on that page because if visitors find a page relevant they’ll stay on the page for longer.

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